Concussion Center Treatment

Comprehensive Examination

Utilizing a team approach, the Concussion Center Doctors will perform a comprehensive evaluation to identify injuries in the brain and along the spine. We will take the time to understand your symptoms, underlying brain function and test nerve function including coordination and perception. 

Functional Neurology

The brain is remarkable at healing through neuroplasticity. Our team will develop a personalized treatment plans for each patient. Portions of your care will be performed in office and simple yet effective home exercises will be provided. These regimes target and improve brain function to return daily quality of life and enhance performance.

Atlas Orthogonal Care

Specific gentle upper cervical chiropractic corrections treats the head/neck junction. Acting as the gateway between the brain and the spine, we remove any structural interference that inhibits normal flow of nerve signals, blood flow and cerebral spinal fluid.

Sensory Integration Rehabilitation

We utilize the latest technology to provide evidenced-based brain rehabilitation. Sensory integration assists with improving cognitive and motor timing. Increase coordination and reaction time performance by syncing the brain and the body.

Neuro Inflammation Management

Inappropriate inflammation can reduce the ability of your brain to heal. Our remedies are designed to compliment the healing process;  supplementation takes the final step in providing the brain with vital nutrients and in reducing lingering inflammation.