Concussions are Serious Injuries - Get Treatment 

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It is important not to shake off concussions. These brain injuries may seem like a minor incident, but can become a devastating long term condition without proper care.



Concussions are caused by head trauma, whiplash and sports injuries. Brain tissue is damaged and not able to function properly. Alternative nerve pathways are created by the injured  brain which do not work as well as the original wiring. Restoring proper nerve pathways is critical to healing the brain and overcoming a concussion.


Post concussion syndrome includes headache, fatigue, confusion, blurry vision, irritability, and loss of coordination. These symptoms can persist even after you are released from emergency care.  They are clear signs that brain is injured and needs to heal.

Proper treatment at the Concussion Center can help prevent concussion symptoms from becoming permanent.   


To heal brain concussions, it is crucial to treat the injury at the right time and in the proper sequence. The Concussion Center doctors have the training, experience and equipment to help the brain healing process. 


Our Concussion Center Doctors

  1. Perform an extensive brain based examination to find which areas of the brain are under and over performing.

  2. Treat underlying structural issues that impair the flow of nerve transmission, cerebral spinal fluid and blood flow in and out of the brain.

  3. Manage and reduce brain inflammation during treatment. 

  4. Normalize brain function by strengthening and re-routing appropriate nerve pathways.  

Concussion Treatment

Learn about treatment options for concussions and brain injuries at Concussion Center. 

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Sport Performance

Improve your sports coordination and reaction time with our brain performance training. 

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Return To Life After Concussion

We offer cutting-edge treatment for patients suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome and traumatic brain injuries. 

Return To Play

We will create an individual care plan to help your athlete recover safely from their injury so that they can return to their regular activities in a timely but safe manner.  Our accurate diagnosis and return-to-play decision making are critical to an athlete’s long-term health.

Return to Work

Each patient will receive a treatment plan tailored specifically to his or her circumstances. Return to work planning is based upon careful evaluation of symptoms and brain health status.   One of the most important features of our program is our recommendation for a return to normal activities.  This would include how much time off, driving, resuming exercise etc.  We will also make suggestions on how to deal with managing the physical and mental demands of the individual’s job. 

Return to Learn

Concussions have a significant short-term impact on a student’s memory and concentration abilities and this can lead to a drop in school performance and grades.   Our treatment plan deals with the reintegration of student athletes back into mental activity and learning.  Our program offers rehabilitation programs for students that are having difficulty with certain aspects of brain function.

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